About Kimi Ora

Kim is a professional with HR and operational management experience in the Aviation, hospitality, retail and transport sectors.

Our Values

Her own whakapapa enables the incorporation of maori culture and values in her training programmes for the benefit and learning this provides to all participants.


Constructive feedback


Interactive learning




Culture & values

About Kim

Kim has been a business owner, HR professional and global operational manager in transport, hospitality and retail sectors.

Her love of helping people reach their own potential and transform their personal and professional lives has led her to build her own business in support of the growth and development of others and their aspirations and dreams.

“Our aspirations are our possibilities”

Workplace Literacy & Numeracy Funding

Kimiora Training and Development receives funding from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) Fund and uses this funding to support the delivery of learning programmes to clients. Programmes are delivered nationwide across multiple locations and to learners of various backgrounds and ethnicity.

Eligibility Criteria

Programmes can be fully funded for staff who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have low or no qualifications.
  • Are NZ citizens or permanent residents
  • Have literacy or numeracy skill gaps

What’s Involved

  • Programmes are contextualised to your business and needs
  • 25-80 hours fully funded training delivered anywhere between 10 and 40 weeks
  • Programmes are totally flexible to work in with times and days that work for your business

Funded Workplace Training

Our tutors come to you and work onsite to provide the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your place of work for learners.

Self- Management

  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Quality management

Leading a Team

  • Giving clear instructions
  • Running a meeting
  • Difficult conversations
  • Building a team

Health & Safety

  • My role and responsibilities
  • Training staff
  • Hazard management & incident reporting
  • Complete NZQA H&S unit standards

Mental health & Wellbeing

  • Workplace wellness
  • Recognising stress in the workplace
  • 5 ways to wellbeing

Workplace Documentation

  • Filling in forms
  • Writing clear emails
  • Report writing
  • Support for English second language staff

Workplace Communication

  • Listening & speaking
  • Conflict management
  • Support for English second language staff


  • Reading to understand
  • Finding information in a document
  • Understanding & following quality procedures
  • Support for English second language staff

Working with Numbers

  • Financial literacy
  • Decimal points
  • Percentages
  • Cubic to linear metre conversion

Digital Literacy

  • Safe use of digital devices
  • Fundamentals of MS Word
  • Fundamentals of MS Excel
  • Using email programmes

What to expect in the training?

The programme is developed specific to your business. Tutors identify the skills individual employees need most and work with learners to minimise the gaps. Work with contextualised work place materials such as a time sheets, policies or procedures, reporting documentation or apps. Adapt their teaching style to the requirements of the individuals and the workplace for greater learning outcomes.

Progress reports are provided to keep your company informed of the employee’s progress and achievement.

What outcome will we see?

A more engaged workforce through improved teamwork, and job satisfaction. Improved ability to think, create, analyse, problem solve, communicate, manage meetings, confidently put forward ideas for improvement, make more efficient use of time, plan ahead, as well as read and understand written documentation better.

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Contact Kim to talk about your challenges and how this workplace training could help.

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