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We did some personality profiling before commencing a team building course for our team. It was so amazing to learn about people’s preferences and behavioural styles and how by getting to know your own and others personalities better, engagement and productivity can be so much better. Kim was so knowledgeable and made it heaps of fun. We are going to include Kim in the design and delivery of our development plan for staff.

Paul Consedine – Business Owner

Kim helped me quickly understand what I needed to take my business forward, her energy, expertise and experience made this such a great journey for me and my business. She very quickly understood what I was good at and where I needed to improve my offering in a very competitive environment. She took me on a dance that I loved. I am so happy with what has been achieved and I love the way she supported and encouraged me to come up with ideas of my own.

Vicky Aperahama – Smart Training Ltd

Kim is one of the best trainers I have ever had, she is passionate about what she does and made me feel so comfortable in what took me right out of my comfort zone. She showed me I was so much more capable than I’ve ever thought. I can’t wait to do another training course with her.

Georgia Newman - Dealing with confrontation 1 day course

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