A facilitator who puts you first

Kim will guide you with her passion, expertise and wealth of industry experience.

Training Programmes

We offer full day programmes, 2 – 3 day programmes or what we term as bite size ie up to 3 hour sessions.


Customer Service

Business Skills

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Personality Profiling & Training Needs Analysis

We find out what you need and deliver training solutions.





1 on 1 coaching

We can design coaching programmes for individuals be they emerging leaders or those at the top of their game.

Goal Achievement. Working with a coach helps create action plans, meet checkpoints, and stay accountable against objectives to achieve defined goals.

Equip your people with greater confidence, job satisfaction, increased contribution and better relationships.

Seminar Facilitation

We find out what you need and deliver training solutions.

Do you have a conference you need facilitated?

Are you looking for a guest speaker?

Need that magic to really embed the message?

Business Planning

Goals, growth strategies, operational and action plans, vision – mission

Managing resources, HR planning, recruitment, performance appraisals, employment compliance, conflict resolution, business resource planning, project management.

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What we deliver

Business Planning and Advice

1:1 Coaching


Time management

Staff attraction & Retention


Mental health & wellbeing


Customer Service

Communicating for best outcomes

Performance Management

Numeracy & Literacy

Digital and financial literacy


Building high performing teams

HR employee relations

People Planning

Conflict resolution


How do we deliver?

We creatively Problem Solve. Help you to help Your Employees and your Business. We personalise the service to you. Focus on the support required in your business and for your employees.

Face to Face

Class room / Seminar

We come to you or we run public scheduled workshops.


Online / webinars

Training via zoom, Microsoft teams.


Room & Zoom

Some staff at your work place and some remotely online.

Our Values

Her own whakapapa enables the incorporation of maori culture and values in her training programmes for the benefit and learning this provides to all participants.


Constructive feedback


Interactive learning




Culture & values

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